Care Dare – a Self-Care Summit

We Dare you to take better Care of yourself!

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Gaia and Self-Care by Stephanie Lin

Earth, my body,
Water, my blood,
Air, my breath,
Fire, my spirit.

The above is one of my favorite ceremonial chants to sing. The words offer a simple truth and a powerful reminder of our intimate connection with Earth. Perhaps it’s even more than a connection, it is a deep union, a merging and intertwining. Our individual bodies can be seen as a microcosm of Gaia, the macrocosm.

gaia clipart The existence and functioning of our bodies is supported by the primary elements that exist on Earth: earth/matter, water, air, and fire. When one of those elements is out of balance in our body, the whole body is impacted. One of the gifts of tuning into the body and Gaia is to develop a sensitivity for when particular elements in our body (and therefore their related organs and emotions) need loving restoration of balance.

Our personal vibrancy and health is deeply dependent on the vibrancy and health of Earth, which provides us with nourishment. The state of our physical body speaks volumes about our relationship with Gaia. Likewise, the vibrancy and health of Earth is directly related to the way in which we humans collectively treat our bodies.

In modern times we have turned more and more away from our connection with the Earth, which is represented in many cultures as the Great Mother and is associated with the feminine, or yin, principle. Instead, we have prioritized the mind, intellect, and masculine energy. The latter, in its warped and uncontrolled form, manifests itself as patriarchy, a social and cultural way of being that is typically marked by aggression, repression, and desire for power and control.

How can this imbalance of energies be addressed and healed?

One way is through caring for the body. As we nurture and love our bodies, our connection with Gaia is deepened and we can begin to draw more and more on her life-giving energy and nourishment. Through this connection we can re-balance the elements within our body, bringing it back to health. We can bring out more fully within ourselves the feminine aspects of warmth and receptivity. When this process begins at the individual and then collective level, Gaia herself also returns to life and can serve her beautiful function (nourishing humans) more fully.

In this audio, I offer a guided Earth meditation with the intention of helping us:
a) Honor and deepen our connection with Gaia.
b) Allow Earth energy to nourish and heal our bodies, and in turn our mind and spirit.
c) Restore the balance of the four elements within our bodies, which will improve or prevent physical and emotional health issues.
d) Generate the feminine or yin energy associated with Gaia, allowing for more creativity, love, and receptivity in our lives.

Listen to the free Earth meditation here! (~20 minutes long)

Stephanie Ying Lin is a spiritual construction worker and life coach whose passion is to guide awakening women to live a conscious, soul-driven, and joyful life. Her gifts of energy sensitivity and claircognizance are supported by intensive training in thought-based coaching with Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School, as well as ten years immersed in the study of Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. She holds an M.A. and M.Phil. in Religion from Columbia University. She is also a contributing author in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series. Visit her at


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Self-care according to Stephanie Ying Lin

Next, answering the question “What does ‘self-care’ mean to me?” is Stephanie Ying Lin of Spiritual Construction Worker:

self-care Self-care for me is about treating myself with love, gentleness, and acceptance. This is not always easy, of course! Sometimes I am downright harsh and unforgiving with myself, and it’s really important that I catch myself in those moments and slowly begin to reverse this pattern. I think cultivating the art of connecting with our soul through quieting the mind is what allows us to truly care for ourselves. When the mind is quiet, we always know just what to do. A wonderful practice is to ask a few times a day, “What would someone who loves themselves do?” And then…do it!