Care Dare – a Self-Care Summit

We Dare you to take better Care of yourself!

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Self-care Tools by Raine Boyd

Hello everyone!

Very excited to be here sharing a little bit about my journey on self-care.

I used to be one of those completely oblivious to self-care. Horrified by it actually. Like “this is just selfish! How can I do _____ and ______ if I am the only one benefiting from it? It is just not right!”

Fill in the blank with anything related to you that you have stopped yourself from doing due to the same selfishness concerns. Can you relate?

Flashing news my love, it really is NOT selfish.
(You knew I was going to say that, right? 😉

But here is a quick-barely-touching-the-surface scoop of how it all makes so much sense:

Not setting time aside for your own self-care will get you to run out of steam at some point (out of the blue crabbiness throughout the days, anyone?) . Worse yet, it can end up with a meltdown! Who do you think are going to be the first ones to suffer from that meltdown of yours? Yep, you guessed right. Your loved ones. The ones dearest close to you.

Now, setting aside some time for self-care brings you close to home. Meaning you get to connect again with parts of yourself that you even forgot were there. You get to explore new things and know yourself better. You will be filling your wheel. And you know what happens when a wheel is juicily full of goodness and blissful experiences? We empty it all out! We pour all the joy, light, softness, compassion, patience, love and happiness back to the world. And ya know by now who will be the first ones getting all these wave of juiciness, right? Yup! Your loved ones, the ones dear and close to you. Effortless extra-dose of patience with the ones around you? A more present person in the moment? Silly jokes out of nowhere? Ya, that will be you!

Your Self-Care directly benefits the ones around you. Your Self-Care is needed for someone else’s happiness.

No kidding.

Out of my own needs to push through resistance and really do conscious choices of caring for myself I created fun worksheets to keep track of my needs and taking my “me” time more seriously. I am very excited to share those with you here today! 🙂

Link to download Self-Care List PDF by Raine Boyd

And then, going even further, if you need little reminders to stick around very visible places throughout your house/office/car/anywhere, please use those post-it notes! Super-fun and handy:

Link to download Self-Care Post-Its Template PDF by Raine Boyd

I am so glad to have the opportunity to share those little tools with you. They had helped me tremendously and I hope they will get you to focus on your self-care as well. Your loved ones need you to do this for yourself!<3

Thank you Cathy for opening up room for us to share, talk and reflect on nurturing ourselves.

Many grateful smooches to you all,
Raine Boyd is a reawakened artist + illustrator transforming humdrum day-to-day routines into enjoyable, fun, exciting and nurturing activities. Currently living in the Caribbean she has been sipping coconut water by the beach in search of the perfect “flat” wave to start surfing lessons with her cats. {the odds!}. You can find her musings, artwork and free printable planners, calendars, desktop wallpapers, and all around helpful tools at LimeTreeFruits.


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Self-care according to Raine Boyd

self-care Here is a short but sweet answer from Raine Boyd of Lime Tree Fruits for, “What does ‘self-care’ mean to me?”

Self-care to me means that I am able to help more and give more. My Self-care helps me nurture the ones around me in a more loving way creating peace and harmony for others.