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Meet your First, Base, or Root Chakra by Linda Kaun

  • Do you feel invisible? Like you’re living “half-a-life”?
  • Are you more comfortable living in your head than being fully engaged, passionate and present IN the world?
  • Do you usually put others first, never wanting to be seen as selfish or demanding?
  • And how’s your money … A flowing river or dried up stream in a drought year?

Saying yes to any of these questions is a sign that your first or root chakra is likely blocked.

Most of us have no idea that our chakras affect all aspects of our lives.

What is a Chakra?

LKaun article1 Your body might feel solid but truly there is nothing solid about it. We’re beings of pure energy and light that are vibrating at a slow enough frequency to create what seems like solid matter.

This energy is flowing through us via our energy centers called chakras. There are many chakras in the body but we usually focus on the 7 major ones that align with our spine from its base to the crown of our heads.

Each one has a specific purpose and vibrational frequency. They filter energy from the outside world, process that energy in our bodies by stimulating our endocrine glands to secrete various hormones. These hormones affect our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Worry, stress and fears – as well as deeper traumas from our past – create blocks in the energy flow.

Not all blocks to your energy flow are the same…

Perhaps you already know quite a bit about your chakras, perhaps not. I’ve learned one important distinction from Rhys Thomas of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, along with Margaret M. Lynch that I’ve never heard anywhere else.

When you experienced what you considered to be a deep trauma or wounding, usually in your early childhood, you literally took a VOW to protect yourself from that happening again. A vow has a great deal of power and energy behind it. It acts on the subconscious level behind the scenes of our daily awareness, putting the breaks on what we say and do in our life. The vow gets embedded or stuck in that particular chakra. Releasing these vows and agreements brings you back into alignment with your Own True Self.

Why Clearing Your Lower Three Chakras is Vital to Your Health and Wellbeing

The issues of our first three chakras form the foundation for who we are in the world. The upper chakras – our Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras – can only speak the truth of our wounds and traumas of the lower chakras.

For example, if we don’t feel safe in our first chakra we often live in our minds, replaying past events or looking towards future ones. Or, we numb out through all kinds of distractions and addictions. We’re not fully present in our physical bodies in the here and now.

If we were abused in our second chakra, the words we speak in our fifth chakra will reflect that we think the world is out to get us in some way. And we see the world through a victim’s eyes in our sixth chakra.

Our energy centers are in constant flux. Some issues are buried deeply, while others are daily frustrations that build up.

Ideally each chakra is fully open and all are in balance, not over- or under- active. Most of us though have a few chakras that are dominant, while others are smaller or nearly closed. By clearing blocked energies held in the chakras, our lives really do begin to flow with more ease and we feel our balance restored.

In this initial introduction to the chakras, meet your …

First, Base or Root Chakra

LKaun article2

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara –
Located at the base of your spine – Color Red
Issues of:

  • Trust and Safety in the World
  • Money – Abundance
  • Your Physical Body – Being present and grounded in your body
  • Family and Tribe – Your values and beliefs

Your first chakra is connected to your tribe, your family of origin. It’s the foundation of your life. Feeling safe and secure is important for your overall development.

This chakra channels your beliefs and values related to living in the world that you learned from your tribe … what you are allowed to do, to have, to become. Learning to step past the original teachings of your family, church, school and make your own choices is one of the keys to open and balance the first chakra.

It also represents everything solid in your life, acting as the manifestation channel, the magnet, pulling into physical form the things you desire such as good health, prosperity, and relationships.

When it’s blocked through underlying beliefs that say you’re not worthy or you don’t deserve the things you desire, you can’t actually manifest them into reality.

The vows and concerns of this chakra relate to being loyal to your family’s values and beliefs, their way of thinking and being in the world – “Life’s a struggle for people like us.” OR, rebelling against those values, “I’ll never be like my father!” When you’re in rebellion, you still don’t get to Be You.

If you didn’t feel secure in your family financially or emotionally, this feeling of lack, of “never enough” comes out in countless ways in your adult life, from sabotaging your efforts to build a business to holding back your talents and gifts because you believe you’re “not good enough.”

How Can We Clear These Vows and Blocks to Our Energy Flow?

There are many different modalities to open and balance our chakras, some more intense and deeper than others. From energy healing using EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques or Reiki, to visualizations, meditation, gemstones, or color and sound therapy, each one has its place.

The key is to realize we do have the power to clear our own energy, either working with a practitioner or on our own. The more we take daily and even moment-to-moment responsibility for our own lives, the easier it becomes to really feel the energy moving in us, guiding us, revealing who we truly are so we choose to step into our own power. This is truly loving all aspects of us.

Here’s a Surprising Look in the Mirror of Your First Chakra

After downloading the pdf, simply follow the story prompts to fill in the blanks and discover a message that your first chakra has for you. You can write it out by hand or copy it into a Word Doc so you can complete your answers.

The key is to write quickly with the first thing that pops in your mind. Don’t dwell on each question. This bypasses your rational thinking brain and taps directly into the subconscious, delivering you a message that might surprise you.

Download the pdf, A Look in the Mirror.

This Story Completion ARTsignment™ is licensed under ARTella Creative Multimedia,

If you liked this taste of your First Chakra, I invite you to discover more about all your chakras and how they affect your life by downloading my Free Guide: 7 Fun Tips to Open Your Chakras & Get Your Energy Flowing Again. This comes with a powerful audio bonus – a daily Opening Chakras guided visualization, which helps release blocked energy in your chakras, both from past hurts and day-to-day issues that come up.

LKaun article3 And Here’s Another Fun Way To Keep Your Chakras Open

To easily balance your chakras, check out my wearable, functional art. Each chakra design is my interpretation of the energy of that chakra. As I work I embed the design with clearing, positive energy that helps open and balance your chakra as you wear or use the product.


With an emotionally open heart and a keenly perceptive mind, Linda Kaun holds the space for others to play and explore their own sacred inner guidance and wisdom. She loves working with creative people and heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to stop playing small and step into their power.

After a 30-year career as a fine art batik painter, she is delighted to be completing her ARTbundance™ Coaching and Facilitating Certification, where art, words, creativity and spirituality become a channel for transformation.

If you are ready to step further into your power, explore your hidden obstacles and discover hidden treasures, contact Linda: ( linda [at] ) or visit Linda Kaun ~ The Power of You

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