Care Dare – a Self-Care Summit

We Dare you to take better Care of yourself!

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Glitterfy Your Vibe! by Veronica Parker

Today’s offering is a PDF download by Veronica Parker called Glitterfy Your Vibe!

GYV-VP This playful and practical guide can help you connect with the wholeness of your being. It can empower you to align with the infinite power of Source within. In this wonderful way, you can create on purpose what you truly love, enjoy, and desire in Life. The best part of it is that you get to feel great!

Download it here!

Veronica Parker, RScP is a Master Healer, Meditation Teacher, and ARTbundance Coach. She is the founder of The Sacred Healing Playground and The Breath Blueprint Program. Veronica can easily attune you to the Power, Presence and Possibilities to “glitterfy your life.” Connect consciously with your Sacred Breath and release all sense of lack and limitations. Feel your heart fully open to receive your greatest success in business and life. Connect with Veronica and receive your sparkly transformational session via phone or Skype.

Visit and receive free transformational tools for our business and life to take flight.



4 Steps to self-care for introverts by Tanja Gardner

4stepstoselfcare-tgardner Today’s offering is a 10-page PDF from Tanja Gardner of Conscious Introvert Success:
4 Steps to self-care for introverts” – A guide for introverts who keep trying to figure out this self-care thing, but never quite make it work for them!

Download “4 Steps to self-care for introverts”!

Tanja Gardner is a deeply introverted (but not even *slightly* shy!) heart-based entrepreneur who started out as a copywriter for difference-makers.

Then she discovered that what she really wanted to do was help fellow introverts build their businesses without exhausting themselves. So she started Conscious Introvert Success: a treasure-trove of introvert-friendly resources, information and coaching.

To connect with Tanja, follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Or you can check out Conscious Introvert Awesomeness: her free community for introverted business owners to connect with and support each other.

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Self-care and the Art of Letting Go by Jenny Griffin

What does letting go have to do with self-care? Everything.

It’s difficult sometimes to know when you’re feeling overburdened or over-committed, especially when you’ve been ‘trained’ to please people or carry more than your share of the load. It’s only when illness or exhaustion hits and you have some time to really assess the situation, that you might think, hey, when was the last time I stopped to rest?

I know there are a million reasons why you have to stay busy all the time: they won’t survive without you; only you know the secret to ____; they won’t do it the way you want it done; your contribution is irreplaceable.

I hate to tell you this, but none of those are true. If you took yourself out of the picture completely, today, everyone involved would carry on. They would grieve the loss of you, they would for a while struggle to find the way, but they would go on. It’s actually kind of humbling when it happens, because the reality is, none of us is indispensable.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle you can talk yourself into, the one where you’re irreplaceable. It means that you have to be everything for everyone, at all times, and then when you can’t be, you spend that time worrying that they can’t get along without you.

So why not allow yourself the freedom to ‘take yourself out of the picture,’ purposely, consciously, while enjoying the time you spend away?

Maybe you’ve been told it’s ‘selfish;’ or perhaps you’ve picked up the idea somewhere along the way that your value is based on your contribution to others’ well-being; or perhaps it has simply fallen to you because you’re the last one standing. No matter what lies behind the choices, for some reason, self-care is a long-forgotten dream.

This is where letting go comes in. I learned about letting go the hard way, through an experience I lovingly call ‘my catharsis.’ I had looked after everyone and everything for years (except myself), accepting tidbits of love and attention as they were tossed in my direction.

When I was about 36, I fell apart. I travelled back through lifetimes of grief, pain and self-hatred, sobbing my guts out for hours every day, for three months. It was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. As I grieved, I let go of old belief patterns, negative habits I had adopted, lies I’d chosen to believe about myself; you name it, I dropped them like hot coals.

As I came through the foggy bit, the darkness, I found that my whole self was lighter, brighter and filled with a sense of infinite potential. I knew immediately what I needed and made sure I gave it to myself. I felt aligned, at last, with who I really was, and what I wanted. I felt Love that started deep down in my soul and spread throughout my whole being. I was that Love; I AM that Love.

ebook-JGriffin Sign up here to receive your free eBook: ’21 Days of Letting Go’

And I’ve met hundreds of people who’ve had similar experiences of reaching their tipping point and then watching their carefully constructed worlds tumble around them, only to realise life has so much more to offer. All of them have said, in the end letting go, surrendering, was the key to finding self-love. And that is what lies at the root of self-care.

So, as you move through your day, ask yourself, is there something here I can let go of? How would the world look if I didn’t do this one thing… Go to the worst case scenario and work your way backwards to a more realistic one. Then actually let it go, even if it’s just for today. Put your feet up and have a cup of tea. Show yourself some love.

Big Love,
Jenny Griffin, also known as “The Catharsis Coach,” is a high-level intuitive guide, empath, and channel. Her journey through catharsis, a deep, deep letting go of ingrained patterns and beliefs, resulted in a feeling of connectedness, with the world around her and with that wise and wonderful voice within. Jenny has learned to engage with her life and experiences in ways that allow her to use the knowledge gained through them to serve others. When she’s not writing, she’s coming up with new ways to help people move through change with grace and ease. You can find her at The Power of Change.


Spiritual Nourishment Means Being in Communion with All of You – Body, Mind, and Soul by Caroline Kirk

All self care is valid, be it a bubble bath, a duvet day, a walk in nature, even a holiday or some retail therapy, we have different needs at varying times and each can soothe our sagging spirits; but have you noticed these are often temporary fixes, like a band-aid over a weeping wound, eventually it needs something deeper for lasting healing.

Unless our soul is full, our Spirit is sated, we can feel perpetually empty, moving through life with an massive void, an aching sense of loss, zapping our energy and dulling our happiness, yet we remain blind to what is missing and how we can fill it.

Depending on our conditioning and circumstances, we try to fill this void with drink or drugs, destructive pastimes and detrimental relationships, with food, sex, TV, gossip, busyness, religion, dogma, charity, exercise… whatever satiates us … for now.

We play an eternal game of hide and seek; hiding from our truth whilst also seeking it. Desperately. Yet, never in, or from, the right place.

What is this void? What is missing in our lives? How can we find it?

Our spirit can remain abandoned as we try in vain to feel better by enriching our physical senses, more this, extra that, over there, under here, added, further, extra, fewer, increased, ever changing … never really … always back to the same feeling…something is missing in my life.

Unless we recognise and devote regular time to our spiritual self care, we will always return to feeling hollow, unfulfilled, alone.

We will find it difficult to maintain proper self care of body, mind and soul as each effort is short–lived and we arrive back in our dark place, a gnawing sense that there must be more.

There is!

I believe in all aspects of self care, a holistic well-rounded self love routine; I also believe it is all fleeting unless built on regular soul sustenance.

How do I nurture my Spirit?

No props required, no essential oils, no bubble bath, no candles, though all are optional as you delve within and find the Divine.

Spiritual self care is about becoming silent, travelling within, being in communion with the very core of you!

It’s about feeling your own innate, never-changing, eternally present essence of love. Once you develop a way of nourishing your spiritual side as you move though life, you’ll reap enormous benefits.

* You will know you are never alone, even in the toughest of times.
* You will harness the inner support and guidance always available to you.
* You will find your true essence and develop a means of internal communication, through meditation, intuition or just knowing, of what is the best choice for you, always.
* You learn to let go of mind created woes and trust in the rightness of life, regardless of external happenings.
* You have less drama, more contentedness in your life. You will know peace.
* You will communicate with your guides, angels, Divine Source, your higher self, (depending on your beliefs).
* You will know that there really is nothing to fear or worry about.
* You will know Love; the eternal, never ending purity of true Love.

Have you ever located your soul? heard its whispers? felt its stillness? basked in its strength? become enveloped in pure love?

Once you have, you’ll realize what was missing all along; your connection to your own innate Spirit.

Discover it.
Nurture it.
Own it.
Be it!

How Do I Care for my Spirit?

* Discover and commune with your spirit through silence, through stillness, through focused breathing, intention, prayer, meditation, and mindfulness. Experiment and find what works best for you.

* Bask in its grace and glory.

* Develop a daily practice to connect within, to rest in a state of holy communion.

* Listen regularly to guided meditations that bring you on a journey to your Soul, to meet your guides, to connect with your innate self love and love for all.

* Nurture the act of Forgiveness and letting go as a daily practice, as it is needed, release and forgive old wounds, past experiences, mistakes, ways of being, others, daily challenges, and all that weighs you down, should you continue to carry it. A light load allows for instant connection to Source.

* Be in communion with nature often, become aware of each little fragment of life and be open to the lessons it contains; its essence is at one with yours.

* Speak to your Soul, to your Spirit, ask it questions and await the answers. They will arrive, in many forms… an instant knowing, a definite feeling, something you hear from someone else, on the radio, in a song. Attune yourself to your Spirits way of communicating with you.

* Through your breathing; focus on your breath, allowing yourself to detach from the mind, thoughts come and go, without your need to follow where they can lead you, return to breath, feel the energy within you, and bask in the feeling of peace, of being at one with you.

* Develop gratitude as a way of being, when you give thanks for all your blessings in life, of which there are multiple, should you choose to focus on what you have, rather than haven’t, you become aligned with Spirit. Practice truly feeling gratitude daily, for your hands, your eyes, your bed, your home, your ability to eat, see, touch, feel. We have endless reasons to be grateful.

* Through Loving Kindness, this opens your heart and soul, you become one with Spirit through the joy of truly loving another, not just your family and friends, but all around you, animals, the beggar on the street, the grumpy man in the corner shop; when you truly get, through regular communion with Spirit, you realize we really are all one, all equal, all here on the same journey, the journey back home to Spirit.

Connect with Spirit. Your Soul. Your Higher Self. Your Divine Source. Whatever resonates for you.

Get to know your true essence. Come Home. Whole. Loved. Aware. In Communion with all of You.
Caroline Kirk is a Mindset Mentor, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight-Management Consultant, NLP and Energy Practitioner, Personal Growth Teacher, Adventurer, and Spiritual Seeker. She guides women towards self love, soul connection, and freedom to happy and healthy harmony of mind, body, and spirit, which she believes provides a platform for deep inner growth, positive authentic living, and the courage to pursue your greatest passions and way of being. Happiness, Freedom, and Self Acceptance are innately yours; let’s rediscover it.

Grab her FREE eBooks, “Self Love Rocks” and “Lessons in Self Love” as well as other ramblings at


Interview with Tanja Gardner – Balancing Energy Levels

For our self-care offering this week, I interviewed Tanja Gardner on introversion, energy levels, and balance.

Listen to the interview here! (~12 minutes long)

You can also download her free How to Keep an Eye on Your Energy Levels guide for introverted business-owners who need help with energy management.
Tanja Gardner is a deeply introverted (but not even *slightly* shy!) heart-based biz owner who started business life online as a copywriter for difference-makers. Somewhere along the lines, she discovered she yearned to help introverts like her to build their businesses while honouring their introversion. So she started Conscious Introvert Success: a library of introvert-friendly information and resources. You can check out Tanja’s thoughts about everything introvert-related on her blog.

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Gaia and Self-Care by Stephanie Lin

Earth, my body,
Water, my blood,
Air, my breath,
Fire, my spirit.

The above is one of my favorite ceremonial chants to sing. The words offer a simple truth and a powerful reminder of our intimate connection with Earth. Perhaps it’s even more than a connection, it is a deep union, a merging and intertwining. Our individual bodies can be seen as a microcosm of Gaia, the macrocosm.

gaia clipart The existence and functioning of our bodies is supported by the primary elements that exist on Earth: earth/matter, water, air, and fire. When one of those elements is out of balance in our body, the whole body is impacted. One of the gifts of tuning into the body and Gaia is to develop a sensitivity for when particular elements in our body (and therefore their related organs and emotions) need loving restoration of balance.

Our personal vibrancy and health is deeply dependent on the vibrancy and health of Earth, which provides us with nourishment. The state of our physical body speaks volumes about our relationship with Gaia. Likewise, the vibrancy and health of Earth is directly related to the way in which we humans collectively treat our bodies.

In modern times we have turned more and more away from our connection with the Earth, which is represented in many cultures as the Great Mother and is associated with the feminine, or yin, principle. Instead, we have prioritized the mind, intellect, and masculine energy. The latter, in its warped and uncontrolled form, manifests itself as patriarchy, a social and cultural way of being that is typically marked by aggression, repression, and desire for power and control.

How can this imbalance of energies be addressed and healed?

One way is through caring for the body. As we nurture and love our bodies, our connection with Gaia is deepened and we can begin to draw more and more on her life-giving energy and nourishment. Through this connection we can re-balance the elements within our body, bringing it back to health. We can bring out more fully within ourselves the feminine aspects of warmth and receptivity. When this process begins at the individual and then collective level, Gaia herself also returns to life and can serve her beautiful function (nourishing humans) more fully.

In this audio, I offer a guided Earth meditation with the intention of helping us:
a) Honor and deepen our connection with Gaia.
b) Allow Earth energy to nourish and heal our bodies, and in turn our mind and spirit.
c) Restore the balance of the four elements within our bodies, which will improve or prevent physical and emotional health issues.
d) Generate the feminine or yin energy associated with Gaia, allowing for more creativity, love, and receptivity in our lives.

Listen to the free Earth meditation here! (~20 minutes long)

Stephanie Ying Lin is a spiritual construction worker and life coach whose passion is to guide awakening women to live a conscious, soul-driven, and joyful life. Her gifts of energy sensitivity and claircognizance are supported by intensive training in thought-based coaching with Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School, as well as ten years immersed in the study of Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. She holds an M.A. and M.Phil. in Religion from Columbia University. She is also a contributing author in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series. Visit her at

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Menu for Self-Care by Suzanne Armstrong

menuofselfcare-love Self-Care is about what supports you throughout your travels through life as you encounter the ups and downs of this amazing adventure.

There are so may ways and avenues to approach Self-Care that you just need to test, taste, and try out what works for you.

It is an exciting journey discovering what creates the best you.

I know it has been said before but it bears repeating self care is putting on your oxygen mask first so you can then better help others with theirs.

menuofselfcare Our taking care of self allows us to better care for those around us, helping to handle life’s challenges without over reacting, feeling overwhelmed or even inadequate to help.

The hardest part of Self-Care for me, has always been time. That is why I put together a menu for scheduling Self-Care into your life.

I hope you enjoy this Menu for Self-Care and the process of creating your personal menu of vibrant health. As well as all the wonderful things the other contributors have created for you.

Taste, test, try and be spectacular!
Suzanne Armstrong is a Naturopath, Applied and Educational Kinesiologist, Herbalist, E.F.T. Practitioner, Wellness and ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner. With decades of training and experience, Suzanne focuses on these modalities because they work! Suzanne’s mission is to honor where people are in their wellness journey; supporting, teaching and encouraging people to explore their wellness in fun and inspiring ways. Suzanne’s specialty is the 5 vibrant paths to health she has written. Suzanne can be found at