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Spiritual Nourishment Means Being in Communion with All of You – Body, Mind, and Soul by Caroline Kirk

All self care is valid, be it a bubble bath, a duvet day, a walk in nature, even a holiday or some retail therapy, we have different needs at varying times and each can soothe our sagging spirits; but have you noticed these are often temporary fixes, like a band-aid over a weeping wound, eventually it needs something deeper for lasting healing.

Unless our soul is full, our Spirit is sated, we can feel perpetually empty, moving through life with an massive void, an aching sense of loss, zapping our energy and dulling our happiness, yet we remain blind to what is missing and how we can fill it.

Depending on our conditioning and circumstances, we try to fill this void with drink or drugs, destructive pastimes and detrimental relationships, with food, sex, TV, gossip, busyness, religion, dogma, charity, exercise… whatever satiates us … for now.

We play an eternal game of hide and seek; hiding from our truth whilst also seeking it. Desperately. Yet, never in, or from, the right place.

What is this void? What is missing in our lives? How can we find it?

Our spirit can remain abandoned as we try in vain to feel better by enriching our physical senses, more this, extra that, over there, under here, added, further, extra, fewer, increased, ever changing … never really … always back to the same feeling…something is missing in my life.

Unless we recognise and devote regular time to our spiritual self care, we will always return to feeling hollow, unfulfilled, alone.

We will find it difficult to maintain proper self care of body, mind and soul as each effort is short–lived and we arrive back in our dark place, a gnawing sense that there must be more.

There is!

I believe in all aspects of self care, a holistic well-rounded self love routine; I also believe it is all fleeting unless built on regular soul sustenance.

How do I nurture my Spirit?

No props required, no essential oils, no bubble bath, no candles, though all are optional as you delve within and find the Divine.

Spiritual self care is about becoming silent, travelling within, being in communion with the very core of you!

It’s about feeling your own innate, never-changing, eternally present essence of love. Once you develop a way of nourishing your spiritual side as you move though life, you’ll reap enormous benefits.

* You will know you are never alone, even in the toughest of times.
* You will harness the inner support and guidance always available to you.
* You will find your true essence and develop a means of internal communication, through meditation, intuition or just knowing, of what is the best choice for you, always.
* You learn to let go of mind created woes and trust in the rightness of life, regardless of external happenings.
* You have less drama, more contentedness in your life. You will know peace.
* You will communicate with your guides, angels, Divine Source, your higher self, (depending on your beliefs).
* You will know that there really is nothing to fear or worry about.
* You will know Love; the eternal, never ending purity of true Love.

Have you ever located your soul? heard its whispers? felt its stillness? basked in its strength? become enveloped in pure love?

Once you have, you’ll realize what was missing all along; your connection to your own innate Spirit.

Discover it.
Nurture it.
Own it.
Be it!

How Do I Care for my Spirit?

* Discover and commune with your spirit through silence, through stillness, through focused breathing, intention, prayer, meditation, and mindfulness. Experiment and find what works best for you.

* Bask in its grace and glory.

* Develop a daily practice to connect within, to rest in a state of holy communion.

* Listen regularly to guided meditations that bring you on a journey to your Soul, to meet your guides, to connect with your innate self love and love for all.

* Nurture the act of Forgiveness and letting go as a daily practice, as it is needed, release and forgive old wounds, past experiences, mistakes, ways of being, others, daily challenges, and all that weighs you down, should you continue to carry it. A light load allows for instant connection to Source.

* Be in communion with nature often, become aware of each little fragment of life and be open to the lessons it contains; its essence is at one with yours.

* Speak to your Soul, to your Spirit, ask it questions and await the answers. They will arrive, in many forms… an instant knowing, a definite feeling, something you hear from someone else, on the radio, in a song. Attune yourself to your Spirits way of communicating with you.

* Through your breathing; focus on your breath, allowing yourself to detach from the mind, thoughts come and go, without your need to follow where they can lead you, return to breath, feel the energy within you, and bask in the feeling of peace, of being at one with you.

* Develop gratitude as a way of being, when you give thanks for all your blessings in life, of which there are multiple, should you choose to focus on what you have, rather than haven’t, you become aligned with Spirit. Practice truly feeling gratitude daily, for your hands, your eyes, your bed, your home, your ability to eat, see, touch, feel. We have endless reasons to be grateful.

* Through Loving Kindness, this opens your heart and soul, you become one with Spirit through the joy of truly loving another, not just your family and friends, but all around you, animals, the beggar on the street, the grumpy man in the corner shop; when you truly get, through regular communion with Spirit, you realize we really are all one, all equal, all here on the same journey, the journey back home to Spirit.

Connect with Spirit. Your Soul. Your Higher Self. Your Divine Source. Whatever resonates for you.

Get to know your true essence. Come Home. Whole. Loved. Aware. In Communion with all of You.
Caroline Kirk is a Mindset Mentor, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight-Management Consultant, NLP and Energy Practitioner, Personal Growth Teacher, Adventurer, and Spiritual Seeker. She guides women towards self love, soul connection, and freedom to happy and healthy harmony of mind, body, and spirit, which she believes provides a platform for deep inner growth, positive authentic living, and the courage to pursue your greatest passions and way of being. Happiness, Freedom, and Self Acceptance are innately yours; let’s rediscover it.

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Self-care according to Caroline Kirk

To answer, “What does ‘self-care’ mean to me?”, Caroline Kirk of Walking Barefoot says:

self-care Self-care means making conscious decisions every day:

* To be aware of my self-talk; is it supportive, accepting, and compassionate?
* To make empowering decisions; does this move me closer to my dreams and sense of well-being or further away?
* To choose forgiveness when old wounds and unwanted memories surface or when I slip into old patterns of being or make mistakes in the present.
* To fully believe in my right to be happy and free and to actively pursue my heart and soul’s desires.
* To ensure I remain in communion with my inner self, my Divine source… wise, peaceful, and all-loving.

Self care means owning my worth, accepting and loving myself, as I am, in any given moment, regardless of external circumstances. It means being my own very best friend, one I can rely on, always.