Care Dare – a Self-Care Summit

We Dare you to take better Care of yourself!

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Self-Care through the Lens of Curiosity by Suzanne Armstrong

When we think of taking care of ourselves often we find excuses why we either aren’t, using self-care, or hit and miss with it.

Excuses like:

  • Where do I find the time?
  • How do I find the money?
  • Where will I find the energy?
  • Even what would be the best use of time, money, or energy?
  • What will make the biggest difference for the time, energy, or expense I invest?

This is where curiosity comes to your aide.

Curiosity increases activity in the brains reward circuit and the part of the brain that forms memories. It gives you a place where different concepts can mesh and produce new ideas.

Curiosity will prime your brain for all areas of learning. It opens many lenses showing you new possibilities, answers, or ideas.

Curiosity creates an avenue to allow the brain to learn and retain information, keeping you supported.

Be curious about what works for you, or what would or could help you with self-care. Then figure out how these puzzle pieces fit together because curiosity will give you a fresh perspective with your wellness adventure.

SArmstrong self The moment we engage our curiosity, we get creative about our self-care.

Curiosity will change your excuses into doors of opportunities.

Where do you create the time to implement self-care?
How will this change your energy?
How will you pay for what self-care you want?
Where do you want to focus your attention to obtain the best results?

Bottom line is…Do you LIKE yourself enough to own self-care.
It takes liking you to commit to caring for yourself.

Get curious! Learn to approach self-care creatively.

Download your free PDF here: Healthy Tips Your Way

Suzanne Armstrong is a Naturopath, Applied and Educational Kinesiologist, Herbalist, E.F.T. Practitioner, Wellness and ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner. With decades of training and experience, Suzanne focuses on these modalities because they work! Suzanne’s mission is to honor where people are in their wellness journey; supporting, teaching and encouraging people to explore their wellness in fun and inspiring ways. Suzanne’s specialty is the 5 vibrant paths to health she has written. Suzanne can be found at


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Your Self-Care Compass by Cathy Carpenter

For the last few months, I’ve been embracing the image of a compass. It came to me in a guided meditation when we were asked to drop into our center and check in with where we are and what we’re feeling or experiencing. I like the image of a compass, rather than a balance beam, because the compass doesn’t judge your direction as good or bad, it just gauges how far you are from True North.

Today, I’d like to invite you to do a little art project to design a Self-Care Compass.

Consider for a moment what “True North” is for you in relation to self-care. It could be a photo of you when you were happy and healthy; it could be your word for the year; it could be a specific daily practice you’d like to cultivate. Feel free to journal on this idea of identifying your “True North.”

Then draw, collage, paint, assemble, embroider, etc. a design for your personal Self-Care Compass. For the other cardinal directions (east, south, west), consider depicting habits or comfort behavior you fall into, taking you away from “True North.” Some things might take you farther from “North” than others, so you can place them in rank order with the habits or behaviors most opposite to your ideal north toward the south point.

As you’re ranking in this way, try not to judge the behaviors, just recognize whether it contributes to your ideal North or not, and maybe make a notation on the outer edge of something you could choose instead to bring you back to North.

When your piece is done, display it somewhere accessible so you can look at it whenever you’re feeling less than great. Notice if you’re engaging in one of the habits or behaviors that take you away from North and ask yourself if you can choose something else to bring you back toward North.

Obviously, sometimes bad things happen and you need to work through grief or sadness or anger; but this activity will help you notice when you’re not pointing in the direction you want to go so you can make a gentle correction of course.

Here is a digital collage I made for my compass with images I found on Pinterest.

my self-care compass 011915

Cathy Carpenter is a creativity/life coach, tarot reader, fiction writer, blogger, visual artist, crafter, dreamer, and planner. She is on a path to find more deep satisfaction in her daily life creatively, emotionally, and spiritually. She wants to mix the magical and the mundane. As she’s exploring, she likes to share what she’s learning and would love to help you explore these themes as well. Go deeper. Explore your depths.

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7 Reasons to Get More Sleep by Tat Apostolova

If Sleep was a person, what would he or she look like? What would Sleep wear? How would Sleep think and behave?

When I first thought about this, I imagined my Sleep as a cheeky little boy, who played tricks on everybody. No wonder I was resisting sleep – if I fell asleep, Sleep could easily catch me off guard.

As I continued playing with my Sleep persona and got to know him better, I realized that he could influence many areas of my life, but the only trick he could play on people was to make them fall asleep at awkward times, in the middle of a meeting or while they were driving. He couldn’t play tricks on me while I was asleep… I had my kids for that!

When I surveyed my blog readers last year, I found (unsurprisingly) that I wasn’t alone in my love-hate relationship with sleep. 95% of the people who responded weren’t getting enough sleep. We all have too much on our plates and there are tons of things that we could be doing instead of sleep. But are we really giving ourselves the gift of more time if we’re skipping the sleep we need in favour of something else?

Here are just some benefits that will come to you when you make sure you’re getting enough sleep (and I’ve tested this for myself).

  1. Better health. Your body needs enough sleep to function properly.
  2. More energy.
  3. Better relationships.
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Positive outlook.
  6. More creative ideas.
  7. Life just seems better all around.

In November last year I dared myself to go to sleep at 9.30 pm every night for just one week. For the first few days I didn’t notice any positive changes. Yes, I was getting lots of sleep but nothing else was getting done. Tasks were piling up on my to-do list and I was starting to wonder what on earth I’d gotten myself into.

Until, on Day 6, I got up at 6 am to go to the gym, something I’d never managed to do in the 8 years since I’d had kids. On Day 7, I noticed that I was having a lot more patience for my children. In fact, patience wasn’t even required anymore, I was having fun. Their cheeky ways didn’t annoy me, they made me laugh. I was feeling creative and excited to start the day. Having failed the previous attempts to blog regularly, I wrote 24 posts and 2 newsletters in December, and it didn’t even feel like an effort. Getting more sleep was paying off!

After the challenge I’d decided to make the earlier bedtime an ongoing thing, but unfortunately somehow I’ve slipped into my old ways. So for me it’s time for another challenge and it starts on 2nd March. Do you need more sleep? Join me for the Get More Sleep challenge here.

Getmoresleep2015 Tat

Tat Apostolova is a blogger, freelance writer, an ARTbundance™ coach and a mum of three, who lives in Sydney, Australia (that’s why her spelling may look strange to some of you). Through her blog, Mum in search, Tat helps overwhelmed mums reconnect with themselves and find their dreams again.

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Get ready for Care Dare 2015: Self-care Summit

February is a month where we celebrate love and express our feelings to the ones we care about. But what about self-love and self-care?

This February, we Dare you to take better Care of yourself!

caredare-button0215 Join us for Care Dare, a month-long self-care summit, to give you more tools and food-for-thought as you pay attention to the most important person in your life – YOU!

Starting tomorrow, we’ve got articles, downloads, and great ideas from 10 excellent contributors. We’ll be posting 2-3 per week so you’ll have plenty of time to consider and implement their offerings.

I hope as you follow along with our Care Dare challenge, you learn some new techniques and gain encouragement to take great care of yourself this month and every month!

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What have you learned about Self-care?

rainbow Thus, our first Care Dare self-care summit comes to a close. We would love to hear your feedback! Please leave a comment here or via Twitter.

* What did you learn about self-care this month?

* Is your definition of self-care different than it was at the start of the month?

* Have you gained some new tools and insights to support you in your self-care practice? What shifted for you?

* What was your favorite portion of this Care Dare summit? What helped you the most?

* Is there anything we didn’t cover that you’d like to see? Do you still have unanswered questions about self-care?

These resources will stay up indefinitely, so feel free to spread the word and share the links with your friends. We plan for this to be an annual summit, so stay tuned for information to be a contributer in October for Care Dare 2015!

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Self-care and the Art of Letting Go by Jenny Griffin

What does letting go have to do with self-care? Everything.

It’s difficult sometimes to know when you’re feeling overburdened or over-committed, especially when you’ve been ‘trained’ to please people or carry more than your share of the load. It’s only when illness or exhaustion hits and you have some time to really assess the situation, that you might think, hey, when was the last time I stopped to rest?

I know there are a million reasons why you have to stay busy all the time: they won’t survive without you; only you know the secret to ____; they won’t do it the way you want it done; your contribution is irreplaceable.

I hate to tell you this, but none of those are true. If you took yourself out of the picture completely, today, everyone involved would carry on. They would grieve the loss of you, they would for a while struggle to find the way, but they would go on. It’s actually kind of humbling when it happens, because the reality is, none of us is indispensable.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle you can talk yourself into, the one where you’re irreplaceable. It means that you have to be everything for everyone, at all times, and then when you can’t be, you spend that time worrying that they can’t get along without you.

So why not allow yourself the freedom to ‘take yourself out of the picture,’ purposely, consciously, while enjoying the time you spend away?

Maybe you’ve been told it’s ‘selfish;’ or perhaps you’ve picked up the idea somewhere along the way that your value is based on your contribution to others’ well-being; or perhaps it has simply fallen to you because you’re the last one standing. No matter what lies behind the choices, for some reason, self-care is a long-forgotten dream.

This is where letting go comes in. I learned about letting go the hard way, through an experience I lovingly call ‘my catharsis.’ I had looked after everyone and everything for years (except myself), accepting tidbits of love and attention as they were tossed in my direction.

When I was about 36, I fell apart. I travelled back through lifetimes of grief, pain and self-hatred, sobbing my guts out for hours every day, for three months. It was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. As I grieved, I let go of old belief patterns, negative habits I had adopted, lies I’d chosen to believe about myself; you name it, I dropped them like hot coals.

As I came through the foggy bit, the darkness, I found that my whole self was lighter, brighter and filled with a sense of infinite potential. I knew immediately what I needed and made sure I gave it to myself. I felt aligned, at last, with who I really was, and what I wanted. I felt Love that started deep down in my soul and spread throughout my whole being. I was that Love; I AM that Love.

ebook-JGriffin Sign up here to receive your free eBook: ’21 Days of Letting Go’

And I’ve met hundreds of people who’ve had similar experiences of reaching their tipping point and then watching their carefully constructed worlds tumble around them, only to realise life has so much more to offer. All of them have said, in the end letting go, surrendering, was the key to finding self-love. And that is what lies at the root of self-care.

So, as you move through your day, ask yourself, is there something here I can let go of? How would the world look if I didn’t do this one thing… Go to the worst case scenario and work your way backwards to a more realistic one. Then actually let it go, even if it’s just for today. Put your feet up and have a cup of tea. Show yourself some love.

Big Love,
Jenny Griffin, also known as “The Catharsis Coach,” is a high-level intuitive guide, empath, and channel. Her journey through catharsis, a deep, deep letting go of ingrained patterns and beliefs, resulted in a feeling of connectedness, with the world around her and with that wise and wonderful voice within. Jenny has learned to engage with her life and experiences in ways that allow her to use the knowledge gained through them to serve others. When she’s not writing, she’s coming up with new ways to help people move through change with grace and ease. You can find her at The Power of Change.