Care Dare – a Self-Care Summit

We Dare you to take better Care of yourself!

What have you learned about Self-care?

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rainbow That’s the end of Care Dare 2015. We would love to hear your feedback! Please leave a comment here or via Twitter.

* What did you learn about self-care this month?

* Have you gained some new tools and insights to support you in your self-care practice? What shifted for you?

* What was your favorite portion of this Care Dare summit? What helped you the most?

* Is there anything we didn’t cover that you’d like to see? Do you still have unanswered questions about self-care?

These resources will stay up indefinitely, so feel free to spread the word and share the links with your friends.

Stay tuned for information to be a contributer in October for Care Dare 2016!


Author: Cathy

a writer and artistic dabbler currently living in colorado, transplated from seattle, raised in california

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