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Your “Must-Have” Tool for Self-Care by Elda Dorothy


Have you ever had a feeling that is like an unwelcome guest?

It invades your mind and no matter how hard you try to deny it or avoid it, you just can’t make it go away.

Remember how your throat felt like it was closing even though you were thinking of all these things you would like to say, or you felt your chest getting tight with anger or maybe even a throbbing headache because you just didn’t want to think about the pressing situation at hand?

Do we pay attention to the feelings and sensations in our body?

We tell ourselves that we can control it. In reality, it’s never that easy.

It’s been said many times that we should ‘forgive and forget.’ Too often, we hold grudges. We stay mad.

Hurt. Anger. Betrayal. These things are hard to forgive, much less forget.

Deciding not to do something is easiest.
Deciding not to feel something is not healthy for us.

An important part of Self-Care is to take the time to UNCOVER these feelings that we have that we think we can’t talk about.

No one wants to admit they are there, not even to themselves.

Feelings. So often we fool ourselves thinking we can control them until one day we’re ambushed, caught off guard. Then we are forced to face the truth.

The truth is this: you can’t control how you feel, only what you do about it.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as “tapping,” is an easy to learn self-empowerment tool that combines ancient acupressure and talking to optimize your emotional and physical health.

Your Must-Have Tool for Self-care EFT helps to reduce the debilitating negative emotional charge you feel toward the issue at hand. By desensitizing your emotional reaction you calm the nervous system, which in turn helps you respond to emotional stress in healthy ways.

What makes tapping so powerful is its ability to help clear emotional blocks from your body’s energy system, thus restoring balance to both your mind and body.

Feel happier and lighter by expressing and releasing stuck negative emotions. Live in a more relaxed mind and feel at ease with your life exactly as it is.

You have a right to show self-compassion, release these emotions, and in turn have freedom. You deserve to be at peace with your situation no matter what it is.

Are you ready to empower yourself with paying attention to your feelings and sensations in your body? What an ultimate gift of Self-Care!

Elda Dorothy is a certified EFT practitioner who is works with people through issues where their ‘buttons are pushed’ so much that it is affecting their daily lives. While Elda Dorothy uses Emotional Freedom Techniques on various relationship issues whether it be divorce, boss related issues, etc. her main focus in on people who are dealing with estrangement issues. She is passionate about helping ALL people learn these tools to empower themselves.

Please visit her website or find her on Facebook.

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Author: Cathy

a writer and artistic dabbler currently living in colorado, transplated from seattle, raised in california

10 thoughts on “Your “Must-Have” Tool for Self-Care by Elda Dorothy

  1. Great Article. It peaks my interest in this technique.

  2. What a great article. So grateful for the reminder to pay attention to my body.

  3. Excellent article! Thank you for reminding me that I shouldn’t try to control my feelings and must learn how to deal with them.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to read this and notice how we can apply it to our self, Anh. I appreciate your comment.

  5. Thank you for sharing how the tool of EFT helps us to cope with vs. deny or struggle against our feelings.

  6. It’s so amazing to realize that our emotions have so much control over us. EFT seems like the perfect tool for achieving equilibrium in our lives! Thanks for your article.

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